by Julian Wong

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ViewSavF V2.41 Build 1036



ViewSavF is a PC program, it can view the save files created from AS400(iSeries) . She can show you the objects description which were saved in the savf. You can view and export the data of PF.




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It is Free tool.

    The Convert Spooled File to Web (CVTSPLWEB) Command copies the data lines in the specified spooled file to a user-specified HTML file.This conversion allows use of spooled files in the Web and browse them with IE or Netscape. Support DBCS.
    If your IFS is Windows95/98/NT/2000/XP, you can type 'CHCP' MS-DOS command in MS-DOS command line to get the IFS code page.




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Free tool.

The Work with Journaled Files (WRKJRNF) Command Work with the journaled files in the specified journal. This command allows start journal files or end journaled files, also can restart journal files.